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Arc-Voltage THC Voltage Divider for MetalWise™ Standard CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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Arc-Voltage THC Voltage Divider for MetalWise™ Standard CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Arc-Voltage THC 100:1 Voltage Divider for MetalWise STD CNC Plasma, HYDCNC TD1

1 Year Limited
Free Installation
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Money Back
R 7 499 (excl. VAT) Online Shopping BUY THIS
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    Quality Warranty:
    Quality WarrantyQuality WarrantyQuality Warranty
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    We provide a quality warranty in respect of qualifying spare parts and accessories, which are sold for use in our machines and installed by our technician or under our technician's supervision. The quality warranty covers, and is accordingly limited to, defects arising from faulty materials or poor craftsmanship in relation to production and manufacture of the spare part or accessory in question. For the avoidance of doubt, it is recorded that the quality warranty shall not render us liable, nor do we accept any liability for faults or defects arising from (i) common wear and tear from the use of the machine and or parts or accessories or (ii) the misuse of the spare parts and accessories. We will specify on our website whether the spare parts or accessories qualify as qualifying spare parts or accessories. The quality warranty shall not apply in respect of any spare part or accessory not specifically designated as a qualifying spare or accessory on our website. The quality warranty shall automatically lapse if the spare parts or accessories have been fitted into a third-party machine (i.e. a machine not sold by us) or if the spare parts or accessories are installed, repaired or modified by a person other than our technician or under our technician's supervision, unless management otherwise agreed in writing.
    Free Installation:
    Free Installation
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    Money Back Guarantee:
    Money Back Guarantee
    If a remote diagnoses for spare - replacement or accessory add-on for our machinery that we have sold, or for unused or redundant service parts or accessories is made by our technician, we will provide the client with a 100% reimbursement once the client send the spare or components in its original order.
    If our technician remotely diagnoses a machine sold by us and proposes a spare part replacement or accessory add-on which proves to be unused or redundant during the installation and subsequent diagnoses, we will provide you with credit to the value of the unused or redundant spare parts or accessories, upon the return of the spare part or accessory to us, in its original condition/packaging, within 30 days from the date on which the spare part or accessory was purchased. The credit can be utilised in respect of any subsequent purchase from us or to settle (or partially settle) any amount owing to us, provided that the funds shall not be repaid or refunded in any manner.
    Call-out Installation & Travel Cost:
    Call-out Installation & Travel Cost
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